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Fish ‘n Chips at Shaw’s Landing

I took LuShark out for her first trip to Peggy’s Cove and we planned on feasting at Fisherman’s Corner, which, as it turns out, no longer exists. Instead, we went to another West Dover restaurant – Shaw’s Landing. It may have been our backup plan but I’m glad we ended up there!

Being off-season this family-run restaurant was quiet, but our server was super friendly and the view was great. If it was a little bit warmer we would have been able to enjoy our seafood out on the sunny patio. Bonus points are always given for seafood on the shoreline!

Shaw's 6

Our server informed us that the catch of the day was haddock, as that is what the local fishermen were catching at the time. I assume that cod is the main contender but I suppose other fish might make it to the menu.

The fish ‘n chips ($13) was huge!  The haddock was very fresh, and the batter was perfectly crispy and seasoned. I’m pretty sure the tartar sauce was made with a dill pickle relish. It was so good we asked for an extra cup. The fries were from frozen, but of a premium quality (as far as frozen fries go) and cooked in noticeably clean oil.

Shaw's 3

LuShark says these are the best fish ‘n chips she’s ever had (sorry, John’s Lunch)! I thoroughly enjoyed these myself and I would recommend a stop at Shaw’s Landing on your next trip to Peggy’s Cove.

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