Fishcakes & Chow

I always LOVE finding new spots to do breakfast on a weekday. I often work with the Delta Halifax staff in my position as an event planner, but I have never made it to the Crown Bistrot. That all changed last week when I met my contact for breakfast. I’m so used to reserving a good, hearty breakfast for brunch on the wknds, that I was slightly shocked to be able to experience it on a weekday!
We met at 9 am and swiftly placed our orders. Now, I’m a sucker for a good fried egg. I’ve actually settled into a weekday routine (one that I’d call a rut if I didn’t enjoy it so much) of eating 3 hard boiled eggs, every morning, smashed with a good few dollops of butter and lots of fresh cracked back pepper. However, when I’m provided with the opportunity of fried eggs on a weekday, I am eager to accept it – especially when the hot runny eggs are paired with savory fishcakes, sweet grilled tomato and tart homemade chow. This was the offering on the CB’s menu and I was instantly sold!
The plate was gargantuan with 2 eggs, 2 fishcakes, 2 pieces of toast, a grilled tomato, roasted potatoes and a healthy dose of chow. The fishcakes were slightly crisp on the outside, but tender within. The traditional Nova Scotian chow was tart and sweet all at once. I loved making little bites of buttery toast, egg and grilled tomato.
Nova Scotian Fish Cakes
My dining companion ordered my second choice on the menu- and one that I’ll happily go back for, the Portobello Stack; scrambled eggs with hearty portobello mushrooms, spinach, tomato and cheese on brioche toast, served with fruit and roasted potatoes.
Portobello Stack


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