Dress like Carrie: Day Six

AllyG: I think L-A will be quite proud of me today. I really raised the bar. Something also struck me as I was waltzing into a downtown coffee shop wearing knee-high socks: I am Old. Seriously old. I just can’t pull this off anymore. Not that I could really ever pull this off.

Today’s inspiration:

Le chapeau!

Note: This is a good place to state how helpful Guest Blogger Jo has been during this challenge. She sent me various looks to inspire my outfits each day. She also noted that the above photo could be used for our “headtilt” segments! I agree!

knee high socks!

Casual hoodie with long shirt underneath!

Mixed patterns!

What up players?!!

Let me be the first to say it:

I look like an idiot.

Go ahead and gloat, L-A. Perhaps you can gloat while you go to the NSLC and buy your friend and co-blogger a box of wine, because after embarking on this little outing dressed like a senior from Boca Raton heading out for a round of golf, I think I am going to need it.

Hat from El Jeffe’s closet…yah, I don’t know either. I never see him wear it, probably because I would make fun of him.

  • Sweater: Digby Frenchy’s
  • Skirt: Old Navy cord
  • Socks: Gap (El Jeffe got these for me for Christmas. He didn’t realize they were knee socks. I remember headtilting when I got them, but they were great for this task!)
  • Shoes: Steve Madden from KAS in Halifax
  • Brooch: Grandmother’s (I love this actually, it has my late grandmother’s initials)

Let’s take a closer look at my mixing patterns, shall we?

Big ups to our Official Favourite Male Reader, Martin for taking the photos. Little did he know what he’d be getting into when he accepted a request to meet for coffee. In fairness, he was very polite about it.

Oh! And I did say “prune” in each frame (I learned about “frames” from Ty-Ty on ANTM). I think it worked!

L-A: And let me be the first to say: “OMG”. Honestly. This get-up (it is beyond outfit. It is a getup) left me speechless. I was left with only internet slang that grown ups think will be the death of the English language (oh those pesky teenagers!). I OMG’ed and LOL’ed.  And I don’t say those “words” lightly. Had I been taking a swig of the diet pepsi,  I would have snorted it onto my computer.  Bitch has earned her box of wine. She wasn’t even promised one, but she’s getting definitely getting a box (seriously: I just said, “this would be fun” and she was all, “okay! fun!”). Maybe two boxes.

I think what I like best about this is not just the Carrie-ness of it all, but that this getup is would cause my mom to say, “you look like Maryann Gatterall”. This is something my granddad always said to her and her sisters when they were growing up.  No one actually knows who Maryann Gatterall was or what she looked like, it was just a given that when you looked like her, you were supposed to “get upstairs and change.” And sometimes, I think one of those SATC ladies who claimed to be a friend should have told Carrie to get back upstairs and change.

So let’s score this thing.

Men’s chapeau, tilted jauntily to the side: +1

Sweatshirt with vintage jewelery: +1

Mixing patterns willy nilly: +1

Actually wearing that to a coffee date. In public: +2

Knee socks in public when you are over the age of 30: +1

Wearing flats: -1 (sorry, you can’t win ‘em all)

Total Day Six score: +5

Overall score: +14.5

And, you get golf claps. Really serious golf claps.  That getup totally made my day. I’m also getting a little sad  because tomorrow is the last day. I know we still have my challenge, but I think I’m going to go through a mourning period when the Dress Like Carrie Challenge is over.  The Dress Like a Heather Challenge just can’t compete (I’ll still do it).

p.s. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I wrote a rant about how St. Patrick’s Day annoys me, but decided to spare you. Instead,  to celebrate Ireland, I present you with a squirrel drinking Guinness (I don’t get it either):

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