Forget Sears, here’s Jill’s Wish Book

[L-A: It’s a Thursday and there’s a post? What? Yes! It’s guest post wish list action today! Our friend Jill (of the eponymous Couchtime) was nice enough to share her Christmas wish list with us. Much of her wish list could be an extension of my own…which I’ll post tomorrow.]

Jill: What’s on my Christmas wish list? That’s a tough question to answer as there are so many directions I could take this post. I could throw out a couple of realistic desires, like a cardigan or an iTunes gift card. I could go all “If I win the lottery…” on you guys and wish for totally outrageous things. Or I could give a beauty pageant answer and wish for peace on Earth. Actually, I’ll save that in case I’m ever a Miss Canada finalist. (Why don’t we televise beauty pageants in this country? Maybe that should be on my wish list.)
Unlike Anthony, I LOVE Christmas. I love the music, the decorations and the food. I love giving gifts. And, of course, I love getting gifts. When I was a kid I would spend hours every year going through the Sears Wish Book and preparing an itemized list of everything I could possibly want. Then I would add it up to see how much money I would need to make my dreams come true. It was always a ludicrous amount of money, but what kid doesn’t need a ride-on lawn mower?
So in the spirit of Young Jill, who would select both new pyjamas and a diamond encrusted toaster oven from the Sears Wish Book, here’s my Christmas wish list of realistic desires and pipe dreams.
1. Polaroid Film
A little elf told me that I’m getting a Classic Instant Polaroid Camera for Christmas, and I can’t wait to start snapping cool, retro-looking candid photos. And you need film to do that!
2. This Kate Spade Kindle Case

That same little elf also told me that I’m getting a Kindle for Christmas! Let’s all jump for joy that I will no longer have to carry heavy novels to work to read at lunch. (I’ll still buy real books, just not as many.) And what could compliment my Kindle better than this super cool case?
3. This dress from Biscuit

I actually submitted this dress to the Downtown Halifax Business Commission for their Win What You Wish contest, but I didn’t win so I’m still wishing. (Sorry about the low quality picture, I took it with my phone. Trust that the dress is all kinds of pretty.)

4. TV on DVD
This is on my list every year. I’m a bit of a TV fan (OK, I’m obsessed) and I love collecting every season of a show I love. I could use the latest seasons of Chuck or How I Met Your Mother, and I still have some holes in my collection of The Office. If you have trouble answering the “What do you want for Christmas this year?” question, TV on DVD is a good place to start.


5. This latte/cappuccino/espresso maker.

A girl can dream, right? At $800 this ultimate coffeemaker is somewhat of a pipe dream. But considering my favourite drinks cost about $5 a pop, this puppy would pay for itself in a couple years. So buying it would almost be like saving money.


6. These shoes.

It wouldn’t be my wish list without an awesome pair of shoes. And these funky Charlotte Olympia pumps scream “Jill”. Plus they’re on sale! Down to $800 from just over a grand. Who needs a down payment on a car, right?


7. This entire outfit.


Burberry prorsum jackets WHITE
438 GBP –
White blazer »


Embroided satin shoe Annees Folles
$1,095 –
Satin pumps »


2,169 GBP –
Gold handbags »


60 Piece Bangle Pack
$14 –
TopShop bracelets »



I’m a pretty big fan of Polyvore, and I’d give anything to have this outfit I created. Well, not quite anything – I could save every penny I make for several months and buy it, but it would really just be better if Santa brings it. I’ll owe him one.


8. A pug.

I’m assuming this pet will also come with a personal assistant who will wash him, stop him from barking, and pick up his crap, right? Because I just want to play with him and dress him in fun coats. If not, I’ll settle for the “Pug Puppies”  calendar my boyfriend got me.
9. A 2012 Volkswagon Beetle.

I bet anyone who watched Oprah’s  Favorite Things has this on their fantasy list as well. I’ll take mine in a convertible please, and custom painted to match this awesome shade of nail polish.


10. A trip to Cape Town, South Africa

As far-fetched as this last wish is, I really mean it. I spent a month in Cape Town back in 2007 when I did an internship at Glamour magazine, and I fell in love with the city. The scenery is amazing, with gorgeous beaches and mountains. But it’s a big city, and it has fantastic music, charming people, a really fun nightlife, delicious food (believe it or not, the best pizza I’ve had was in Cape Town) and really, really good shopping. I’m serious. Really. Good. I’d love to go back and this will be a permanent fixture on my wish list until I do.

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