L-A can haz prezents?

Dear Santa:

Thanks for bringing the sun back to the California desert. That rain was a bit of a bummer. You probably didn’t feel too bad for me, it’s still warmer than back in Halifax and the wine is still cheaper.

Anyway, here’s my wish list for 2010 (a sampling really…you know there is more on my Official List for Santa). In addition to many of the things listed in that occasionally annoying “Santa Baby” song (it all depends on who is singing. Although, I’m sure you’re over it), such as a car, diamonds, and a condo, I would like the following:

1. This insanely adorable dress:

so much cute in one little dress!

2. One more Icelandic sweater by Farmer’s Market. I’m willing to go back to Iceland to pick up my sweater, if need be.

3. For someone unbiased and non-judgmental to come and clean/organize/decorate my office. I can give myself a guilt trip about how messy it gets, I just want someone else to come and fix my mess.

4. A roomba, because it means I don’t have to do any work when it comes to vacuuming. While we’re at it, I would like a kitten to take rides on said roomba.

5. Vintage kitchenware:

I hate to cook, but by golly, do I ever love vintage ceramic & enamel kitchen goodies.



6. Artwork. In particular, prettymaps (la) by Aaron Straupe Cope from 20×200. It’s pretty, affordable, and it involves California and my name. What is not to love?:

7. Bitchin’ new headphones. I really enjoy these from Marc by Marc Jacobs:

these will make my Beastie Boys and Matt & Kim sound awesome AND look pretty.



8. A cell phone headset so I can pretend I still own a real phone.

Actually, you could probably pick up just about anything from The Curiosity Shoppe and chances are I’d be happy.

9. I have a thing for old rotary phones. I have one at home (it lives with my vintage camera collection) and sometimes I think about getting a landline just so I can use it. Since I probably won’t hook up the landline, I’d like to add this phone case from Kate Spade to go with the previous item on the list:

the iphone 3gs version comes in red & will make my iphone the prettiest in town.


10. A fancy new keyboard for my mac.

Dear Santa: this will totally make my writing better.

If we were going to shoot for the stars, what I’d really like is a shiny brand new mac that will let me run Adobe CS5 on it.

11. Like our staff/interns, my wish list isn’t complete without some booze. I’m already getting my hands on California wines at cheap prices over Christmas, so that wish has already come true. So I’ll wish for the ability to make a kick ass sidecar. I had my first sidecar at Mosaic earlier this year and it was tasty tasty stuff. I might make it my new cocktail of choice.

After a couple of these, I could blame it on the Henny.

I would especially like a sidecar if it came with a ridiculous night out on the town. Like this one:

12. Finally, I just want for 2011 to be an awesome year for us and for every one out there in interwebz land.



p.s. you’re still my favourite mythical holiday figure. I don’t care what the Easter Bunny has been saying about me and my love of chocolate, you’re still the dude with the presents AND the chocolate, so you’re still number one in my books.

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