Former fire station sold to Islamic Society

The old Bedford fire hall

The old Bedford fire hall has been sold to the Alrasoul Islamic Society. The group plans to upgrade and maintain the interior and exterior of the property.

The former fire station at 1247 Bedford Highway has been sold to the Alrasoul Islamic Society for $375,000. The society will convert the main floor of the building to accommodate their own activities and make the rest of building available to other community groups for a nominal fee.

The HRM Charter allows for the sale of municipal buildings at less than market value when they are sold to non-profit organizations. The sale was approved following a public hearing at City Hall.

The Alrasoul Islamic Society’s proposal outlines how it will upgrade and maintain the interior and exterior of the property. Its intention is to promote the regular and diverse use of the available spaces for the community.

“It is a pleasure to be able to apply the Charter for the purpose of supporting organizations that give back to the community and enrich our neighbourhoods,” said Mayor Peter Kelly. “Citizens benefit from diverse environments that inspire vibrant, caring and connected communities.”

“The Alrasoul Islamic Society will be a welcome addition to our community,” said Councillor Tim Outhit. “In addition to creating extra space for community meetings, events and recreation activities, upgrades to the building and grounds will improve the streetscape consistent with the surrounding neighbourhood.”

The Alrasoul Islamic Society was formed in 2001 for the purpose of assisting new and established members of the Islamic faith. The activities of the society include religious education and observance, referrals for Islamic immigrants, opportunities for social gatherings and the preservation and development of Islamic culture. Members and participants are of different nationalities.

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