Frank Knows His Pizza

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Easily the best pizza in town, located just under the Brooklyn Bridge Grimaldi’s pizza was well worth the 45minute+ wait for a table in the blistering sun. This pizza is so good, it’s been rumored that Frank Sinatra used to get it flown into wherever he was he liked it so much. Naturally being a pizzatarian I needed to see what all the hype was about. 

Above is hands down one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever eaten. Grimaldi’s does not sell slices, only entire pies. They start with the basics, and then you choose the toppings you want from salty olives to fresh garlic to hand rolled meatballs the choices are endless. These pizza’s are prepared first by laying down pieces of fresh mozzarella, and topped with crushed tomatoes then cooked in under 2 minutes. 

While waiting in a line up to use the washroom I spoke to one of men who was preparing the pizza’s and I said: “busy spot hey?” and he politely responded “always is”. I watched in awe as they fired pizza after pizza in and out of the oven. Behind me were stacks upon stacks wooden boxes filled with endless rows of dough, I can just imagine how much dough they go through here. 

Lombardi’s may give Grimaldi’s a run for their money, but it still doesn’t compare this pizza. So super yum! 





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