Paint Halifax Pink Challenge: Day One – only sort of wimping out.

L-A:  Let’s just say, we’re easing into the pink.  We’re doing this painting of the town pink in a bi-coastal sort of fashion – with Ally and I here and unpaid Staffer Anthony in Vancouver. Never fear though – Anthony owns more pink than I do and his Wednesday night plans…well…they’ll include pink as well.

So let’s start with the subtle:

I know. You never thought the word "subtle" went with the name Anthony.

The letters are pink and super fly.

Now, I don’t own pink clothing, but I do know how to accessorize a cubicle in pink (without being obnoxious):

The pink pencil case and pencil (Kate Spade) are permanent desk residents, along with Kitty NoStaples. I wore the pink bracelet and added the pink scarf to my purse.  For a girl who doesn’t own pink, I think I did pretty darn good. Accessories is how I usually do my pink (although, I’m kicking myself for recently getting rid of a pink cardigan – if only I knew there’d be a challenge!), although I’m a little concerned – I do pink tights and I’m not sure how to do that if the warm weather keeps up. Fingers crossed? (no, don’t do that. I’ll think of something else).

I promise I’m building up to my best pink – but it’s not a work dress, so it’ll have to wait for my day off. M-E gets to have coffee with me in my Sunday Best.

Ally: So, because I don’t really read my emails from L-A, I didn’t realize that we were POSTING every day this week. I just thought we’d provide our pink outfit updates on Wednesday and Friday this week. I’m awesome! So, I did wear pink yesterday. Ralph Lauren shirt. I even took a photo. I’m out at meetings all morning but will upload the photo as soon as I get home.

Yay for me being an awesome blogger! Whoopty Woop!


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