Freedom Makeup mono shadows

Sad news: my camera gave me the dark sheen (of death) a few days ago, which broke my little blogger heart. I had got used to its quirks and can’t think of moving on to a new camera just yet.

At least makeup can cheer me up for a moment. To follow Freedom Makeup Pro 12 palettes, we should definitely give the Mono eyeshadows their own spotlight today 🙂

Supposedly having the same HD formula, the mono eyeshadows with sleek black boxes with cutouts to show the inside colours, to me, feel a bit softer to the touch. If the brand can actually carry this formula to its palettes, it’d be the best of both worlds.

The line is quite extensive, listed in different categories based on colour families – Base, Nude, Smoke, Smoulder, etc. but only gives the eyeshadows numbers, not names.

These 3 monos were free gifts in my order, but I enjoyed the colours – Gilded eyeshadows in 216 and 217, and Brights eyeshadow in 230.

No mattes among them, as you can tell, so I wouldn’t wear all 3 in one look, but the colour tones do work together. The shimmers are quite intense but do not cover up the slightly dual toned base underneath. And they blend well, last reasonably long. No complains.

I love 216 for inner corners and 230 for the crease (thanks to its blue/ purple switch) while 217 is good anywhere. The pots are 2g, only £1 each.

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