Yves Rocher Botanical Color pencils

We were blessed with a super warm Thanksgiving yesterday but that didn’t last. The rain comes back today and everything is grey. At least my eyeliners are colourful.

I was recently sent the brand new product at Yves Rocher this year – the Botanical Color eye pencils, enriched with Carnauba wax, 100% from botanical origin.

With traditional pen format that needs sharpening, creamy texture and 14 quite pigmented colours, the line has a lot to offer.

The first 7: Black, Artemisia Grey, Brown, Peony Plum, Iris Purple, Berry Nude and Violet Blue.

The 3 basic shades are not basic after all: Black is quite intense, with micro silver glitters, Artemisia Grey is quite metallic while Brown fits in between, slightly metallic with gold glitters.

Peony Plum is a great Fall shade, strong plum base with similar metallic sheen as seen in Brown. Iris Purple is a lilac, with a bit harder texture and a satin finish. Berry Nude is a very light nude with glitters which I opt to use in the inner corner, and Violet Blue is not violet but a darkened navy with aqua shimmers.

On to the rainbow 7: Heavenly Blue, Paradise Blue, Eucalyptus, Bamboo, Agave Blue, Lemon and Orangey-red.

First 5 shades share the satin finish: Heavenly Blue is a teal, Paradise Blue a royal blue with slightly harder texture and more more sheer finish, Eucalyptus a teal green, Bamboo a light green and Agave Blue a mint.

The last 2 are matte: Lemon is that beautiful matte yellow that I always wanted, and Orangey-red (wish it had a more creative name) is a slightly-burnt orange.

These liners do not claim to be waterproof but have very long staying power and require wet wipes (and some scrubbing) or makeup remover to come off. Most shades go on smoothly and do not tug, not as creamy as Avon SuperShock gel eye liner pencils but quite close.

The pencils are 0.04oz/ 1.2g, $15 each (on sale for $8.30 at the moment).

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