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Good Morning Bloggies!  Back to work after an incredible long weekend!  If you’re just catching up now, have I got some awesome posts for you to check out!

My Big Day Downtown – Part One

The first part of my Big Day Downtown includes coffee at Just Us Café,  a walking tour of the downtown streets, a visit to the old burying grounds, lunch at Hart & Thistle and much more! Lots of awesome pics here! [More]

My Big Day Downtown – Part Two

The second part of my Big Day Downtown includes a tour of Historic Properties, a walk down the waterfront boardwalk, hand paddled ice cream cones from Sugah!, a tour of Pier 21 and an awesome Supper at Talay Thai! Again, loads of pictures of our beautiful city here. [More]

H-Woman’s Guest Post – Words From A Yoga Instructor

Hey everyone.  Since we’re finishing up our Seven Days Of Yoga Challenge, I thought it would be fun to have a yoga themed guest post.  Of course the first person I thought of was H-Woman, who just recently received her certification as a Yoga Instructor!  H has been blogging… [More]


Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp Recipe

A classic summer dessert.  Tart strawberry rhubarb crisp.  Serve warm with a splash of blend cream or vanilla frozen yogurt. Delish! [More]

Made it out to the garden yesterday afternoon to find it overflowing with veggies!  That is a huge ass bowl of greens.  We’re going to be eating them all week!

Along with stir fry peas and regular peas (that you shell.)  Sorry, my mind is drawing a blank on their real names. 😉

Plus a few green beans.  There are lots of more green & yellow beans *almost* ready.  I give them another day or two and then I’ll have a fridge full of beans!


I tried to incorporate some of this freshness into our Supper last night.

IMG_3520 IMG_3516

Besides veggies, I made turkey burgers for the first time EVER.  They turned out amazing!  I had a really bad experience subbing ground turkey for ground beef in tacos a few years ago and have avoided it ever since.  But I think I actually used ground chicken in the tacos.  Either way, I’m glad I gave it another shot (or not)! 

I used Marisa’s recipe for Italian Turkey Burgers, doubling the ingredients since I had about a pound of turkey. I also added an egg & a handful of oats cuz that’s how I make my burgers.  All worked like a charm!

Cooked them up in the frying pan over medium heat.  They really browned nicely.

Stir-fried some fresh snow peas! Added a bit of hoisin sauce to the pan at the end.


Quick & easy dinner.


On a whole wheat bun with a smear of light mayo & lettuce. FYI: Burger patties worked out to approx. 150 cals.




Plus a side Caesar made with the fresh greens.


But the real star of the show as this delicious TART STRAWBERRY RHUBARB CRISP!!!!  Oh yes, it was that good!  :) Recipe can be found here.


Back later tonight with a neat product review!

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