weekend escapery.. part 2

Well….this is where we went next! We drove down the beautiful Lahave river from Bridgewater to get here, it is just east of the ferry. Once known as the Lahave Outfitting Company, it is now a wonderful bakery and cafe known as the Lahave Bakery, a landmark building in the area.

What I didn’t realise is that Lahave at one time was the capital of New France! From 1632, when Isaac de Razilly settled on a point of land at the mouth of the LaHave River and started a colony with 300 people and built a fort here. We were French before we were English. (I did know that)

The bakery is aWONDERFUL place to stop and eat and browse and soak up the atmosphere. Downstairs is an artist’s co-operative. That’s my mum trying to decide what to order:)

Lots of delicious choices. They also sell bread and baked goods as well as frozen dinners and pizza! Love these hand done signs.

This is another wall full of bits and pieces. I could not help myself and took far too many pictures. Places like this thrill me and I want to capture it ALL so I can come home and savour it again.

The old wooden tables all have wee vases with fresh flowers.

We sat in the accounting room at the small table next to the heater. This is where the ledgers were kept and worked on when the business was a chandlery. I don’t know if you can make it out but on the left there is a picture on the wall of the orginal room with the accounts being worked on. He has his back to this same wall.

Lunch, of course a picture! Veggie burgers on whole wheat buns freshly baked that day!

Really, I could have spent half a day taking pictures here!

This is one of the old ledgers from 1925……….

These are Eldridge’s hours for a week in December. So many of the names are still “South Shore” names; Publicover, Corkum, Kaulbach, Zwicker, Whynacht, Eisenhauer, Dauphinee……..

And last but not least. One of my favourite kinds of signs!

to be continued…..


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