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Friday Fav: Magnolia and Pine Wreath @ Canadian Tire

Picture It’s December now, so for the next three weeks I get to inundate you with talk about all of the beautiful holiday decor I come across in stores- you’re welcome (er, maybe, my apologies…)!! To begin, can we talk about this stunning magnolia and pine wreath at Canadian Tire?! I love greenery, and magnolia leaves are one of my favorite to accessorize with. They provide a beautiful full effect and have such a rich colour and shape. Now, of course the leaves aren’t real- but that only means that they’ll stick around from year to year (yey!). The pine introduced throughout the wreath provides a sense of holiday tradition, and the magnolia leaves provide a modern touch. Together, their placement gives this wreath rich texture and organic shape that is only seen better in person. If you love this wreath as much as I do- you’ll be happy to know that Canadian Tire also carries matching magnolia and pine nine foot garland!

I love the natural look of this wreath, but if you have a specific colour scheme you’ve incorporated into your holiday decor at home, you could easily dress it up with a nice full ribbon or ornament to pull your holiday decor look together.

Happy Holidays!
– Brit Shop the wreath HERE Shop the garland HERE

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