3:29 am - Wednesday, April 8 2020
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Hello! Just me, a girl with minimalism in my heart and an urban design degree in my hand, sharing with you my love for design. If you light up like a kid on Christmas morning when you hear any mention of typography, and belong to every home décor website mailing list in what seems like the world, it's okay, I get you- we should be friends.


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Our Next Big Project!

2016 was quite the year for our little family. We grew by one and moved in to our own home, which literally happened all within a one month span. We bought a small home at a great price, that needed cosmetic help- a lot of it! "The ugliest...

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Packing For The Hospital!


Somehow it's that time already. It is really amazing how quickly those 40 weeks of pregnancy fly by. I feel like it was only a week ago that my husband and I were laughing about the cute round belly I was about to grow, and now in a few...

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