Staying Stylish At The Office With Thyme Maternity!

Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Okay ladies- I’ll admit it: for years I’ve walked by the doors of Thyme Maternity dreaming of the day that I would become one of their cute, bundle-expecting customers. I know I can’t be the only one!

Although I was super excited to be expecting, I was silently crossing my fingers, hoping that the muumuu styles of the past were not about to be my fate for the next few months (yikes)! I quickly found out that the styles were very flattering and, gasp: actually in-season (with a little extra fabric along the tummy of course)! I didn’t want to have to compromise my style for the months leading up to baby. Also, I work a full-time job as a City Planner, which requires looking presentable at the office for important meetings, so appropriate attire was a must (aka no peek-a-boo-belly accidents permitted LOL).

For any of you first-timers, the first item you’re going to want to pick up are a pair of maternity pants when your regulars… aren’t quite as forgiving as they usually were… (also, you are going to fall so madly in love with these that you may just need someone to pry them from your hands post-baby). I found I could get away with my regular tops for a bit longer, but alas, the day will come that your once-cute tops turns into not-so-cute crop-tops!

So…when my day had come, I picked up this beautiful “Stork & Babe” cotton blend blouse. The fabric is very comfortable, and the top is very well made. The seams fall in all of the right places, and the tie-front helps accentuate the waist (so you can tell there’s still someone under there all of the extra fabric around the tummy! LOL) It is long enough (and the fabric thick enough) that you can wear it with a pair of leggings as well as a thicker trouser. I paired it with a legging/trouser in black as it balances and helps lengthen the legs (and I need all the lengthening I can get- being only 5′-3″ tall with a new round belly to balance)! My favorite feature is that the top can be worn after pregnancy as well. When investing in maternity clothing, I’m always looking out for pieces that have dual function: whether I can use it for nursing after baby, or whether I can wear it while not pregnant in addition to it looking great while pregnant. There are so many pieces at Thyme Maternity that meet these criteria, and I’m happy to share a few more of my finds in the next few weeks for your inspiration!

– Brit
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