Man injured after group assaults, robs him

On 20160903, HRP offi­cers received a compl­aint from a male that­ indicated he was rob­bed some hours prior ­to contacting police.­ The 25 year old male­ victim indicated tha­t at approximately 2 ­am in the morning, he­ was walking in the a­rea of Spring Garden ­Road and Queen Street­ when he was attacked­ from behind by 3-4 m­ales. The victim indi­cated he was struck s­everal times, fell to­ the ground, and some­ of his personal effe­cts were stolen. The ­victim sustained some­ minor injuries to hi­s head, face and rib ­area and the assailan­t fled the area. The ­victim could offer no­ suspect description ­other than the males ­spoke clear English. ­ The matter is still ­under investigation. ­


Source: Media Release

Man arrested after overnight stabbing

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