We Are Pregnant !!!!

Picture We are over the moon excited to welcome a little one into our family this fall! I don’t usually write personal posts, but I figured I’d share a bit of our story so far, because it’s a really fun one to be able to share.

We did a great job keeping the secret that we were planning on expanding- just ask our families! We wanted to see everyone’s warmly surprised faces when we told them, so we always avoided the question when anyone asked what our plans were. Well… surprised (and thrilled) they were!

I found out I was pregnant on New Years Eve (we had been trying so we knew that we would have to arrange for me to volunteer to be the designated driver for the night- just in case), but I had not yet told my husband as we were rushing to head out with friends. I wanted it to be just the two of us when I told him because it is such a special moment to share together. So, the morning of New Years Day, I asked him what his resolutions were. After listing a couple off, I chimed in and asked him if being a Dad was on his list. His smile grew with mine when I told him- we were ecstatic!

We decided to wait a little while to tell our families- we wanted to see our doctor first to make sure we weren’t dreaming (and all was well with baby)! It was really a beautiful time together, celebrating and dreaming together first, and then celebrating again later with family. We told them on Valentines Day, in little handmade valentines that read on the cover: “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue”, and inside: “On September 10th, your first grandbaby is due!”. I should probably start up a greeting card company based on the reactions we got (LOL). Extra tears, smiles, and kisses were had this Valentine’s Day! 

As far as pregnancy itself goes, so far it’s been pretty great, although I’m just coming out of my winter hibernation period. Literally, I slept the entire winter away!!! I would get home from work, eat dinner, and hit the hay at around 6pm. It was an entirely new level of tiredness, like paper-writing-all-nighter-then-going-to-class-on-no-sleep x 10 kind of tired. It’s just really incredible to think that you have a little one in there, that’s made of a little of you and a little of the person you love. It’s a pretty special feeling (especially when you feel those little kicks!) We are 20 weeks along now, and because we’ve never even been able to wait until Christmas Day to exchange our gifts to one another (LOL), we are going to find out if we are welcoming a beautiful baby girl or handsome little boy as soon as we can!

We are really thankful for all of the support and love that’s been thrown our way- we are so excited that this baby will be coming into the world welcomed with so much love! 

– Brit   

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