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Friday Favourites: October 4 Edition

Ally: It’s a beautiful fall day in Halifax today! Which makes me wish I owned the first item I’m coveting in our Friday Favourites:

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Overalls

Sarah Jessica Parker walking her kids to school in NYCSource

I want a pair of overalls so hard.

It’s gonna happen for me.


Wow, at least six months went by without me wanting to change the colour of my hair. This time, it’s this colour I need/must have.

redhairI want to get my Js on

Have you seen the video for 23? It’s terrible, you’ll love it. I could write a thesis on Miley Cyrus these days, but today I’ll just state that I love her kicks in the video.


Crappy Pop Music Video of the Week

Worst video for the best song. Why, Drake?

Click here to view the embedded video.


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