Friday Favourites: the belated April 15 edition

L-A: You may have noticed we dropped the ball today. That’s because we totally did. Ally’s lungs are infected and I was out all night “networking”:

Eventually, I’ll show you a picture of my dress from last night – it was super cute – but I’m waiting for someone to send me the pictures. In the meantime, my favourite thing this week is a blazer. I have a cold, a crazy raspy voice, and a mild hangover. How did I hide that for class? A jacket. I cannot praise the cute jacket enough. Put a jacket on and everyone thinks you have your shit together. And they won’t question whether you do or not, because sometimes you actually will. The jacket is sneaky like that.

J.Crew jacket I wished I owned today.


And I think this applies to just about any style. Because it’s not just about the businessy blazer. You could throw on the rolled up sleeve blazer. You could do something Chanel-esque. You could do something with miliatry style. You could do a leather jacket. So long as it’s got some shape and is clean, it’ll hide the fact that you’re wearing an old t-shirt.

In other favourites, some of our readers and guest bloggers have been having birthdays lately. So happy days (belated and not) to Jill, Ivy and Mel! I dedicate this video to you, to the boxed wine I hope you celebrate with and to my hangover:

Will I ever get tired of that video? I hope not. I feel like I will always be amused by Ron Howard rolling up to a nightclub to blame it on the Henny. And the idea of a someone wearing a panda head to a party.

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