Friday Favourites – the March 1 edition

L-A: There’s a winter storm warning here (on February 28) and I hope to god that means March comes in like a lion, because I am so ready for the whole “out like a lamb, let’s get this spring party started” (that’s how the saying goes, right?). Okay, it’s been one of those weeks, so let’s talk favourites:

1. Jennifer Lawrence, clearly. 

I don’t want to put too much pressure on the girl, but I think we need to be Pretend BFFs. I have confirmed she’s a red wine drinker and I promise never to call her J. Law,  so clearly we’ll get along just fine.

Friday Favourites – the March 1 edition

2. Zellweger reappeared 

For no reason that makes sense to anyone! I mean, I get that they brought out the cast of Chicago and had them do a musical number, but that didn’t make much sense either. I mean, if we’re going to celebrate musicals at the Oscars, can we get a classic up in there? Something before this millenium? She appeared to be in full Botox face. 

I also learned, while googling her up, that there is something called Zellweger Syndrome. I was disappointed to learn it’s a rare congenital disorder and not a way to describe her style of red carpet poses.


3. Adorable jewelry I want/need.

Like I said, it was one of those weeks and I was all, “wonhwonh, no favourites I can think of” and then I hit Pinterest. I expected to enter a Pinterest spiral that would last for hours and lead to nothing more than lost time and a new pin board of nautical stripes. But Pinterest delivered the following.


Personalized  whales! Totally a necessity in life. Apparently these are whales of love and should be personalize with initials of someone you love, but I just want it to say L-A, but with a heart instead of a hyphen. It’d make me feel better about all the years when there was NEVER a personalize pen, mirror, novelty license plate, comb with my name on it. (I did once have two sets of barrettes that were “Lesley” and “Anne” and wore them at the same time).

4. NSFW jewelry


Why the hell not! They do have SFW stuff, but I like this one best.

5. This is the cutest and kind of smart.


I mean, these things are just awesome because they’re meant to look all cute on your mirror. But I also love them because any cute jewelry holder that doesn’t involve having to get around to screwing it into a wall is tops in my books.

6. And finally, for my desperately tired insomniac of a co-blogger.

I dedicate a song to you in my best Casey Kasem voice. You can imagine what my letter to Casey Kasem might have said.

YouTube Preview Image

I know ‘Ride’ is her jam lately, but I like this version of Dark Paradise.

Ally: Hi guys! I’m exhausted! It’s true, I’ve gone from Regular Person Insomnia to Pregnant Person Insomnia, and while I really try very hard to not be the annoying lady that overshares every detail about my pregnancy on Facebook/Twitter/My blog, I think the after effects of three hours of sleep is a universal hate so please, bring me the sympathy. Or not. Whatever.

Lana Del Rey

It’s actually depressing how late I am to the Lana Del Rey party. Even when L-A wrote about how SHE was late to the Lana Del Rey party, I still didn’t deem the event worthy enough to don my favourite smock and head to the iTunes store with my box of wine.

I encountered Lana while watching Galaxy’s “Best Videos of 2012″ playlist on the ol’ television.

YouTube Preview Image

Oh, ok then, Lana! If Jennifer Lawrence is L-A’s Pretend Bestie, I wouldn’t have minded hanging out with LDR during my over-dramatic twenties. The opening monologue in the above video? Please. The feelings. Lana and Ally-in-her-Twenties could hang:

Taste in inappropriate men? Check.

Friday Favourites – the March 1 edition eminem8mile


I watched LDR’s SNL performance, and honestly, I’ve seen worse. If you compare her to a Lady Gaga, her game is less annoying.

My Dream Summer Dress

Friday Favourites – the March 1 edition


It’s around $500, so a little out of my price range, but I love the length and detail. White is likely not an ideal colour for a mother of little kids, but I could wear it around my home office…or in my dreams.

Suit and Tie vs. Anything Bruno Mars does

As was the case with many people, I got excited when Justin Timberlake announced he was coming out with a new album. I think I’ve said before that I get caught up in hype quite easily, if someone knocked on my door right now and invited me to join their cult, I’d be halfway to New Mexico in an hour (is there where they have cults? I do not know). So, you know, I was all, Yays! to the Justin Timberlake news.

If I really stop to think about it, which I did at 3am on Wednesday morning when I had been up for two hours, I actually rather hate the song Suit and Tie. I hate it a lot.

Friday Favourites – the March 1 edition


This might upset people, I realize this, but I think J-Timberlake had his best days with N’Sync.

Friday Favourites – the March 1 edition


I’m just not sure how he can come back and compete with Bruno Mars (I know, L-A, you hate Bruno Mars, but this is my segment). I’ve been listening to this song on repeat all morning, and you should too.

YouTube Preview Image

Have a great weekend, beautiful people. xo


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