Fun Frugal and Free Activities for March Break in Toronto

Fun Frugal and Free Activities for March Break in Toronto

Mountain sheep in High Park Zoo © by 2sirius

March Break starts in just a few hours here in Toronto and there are so many things you can do. When planning activities for a teen we had to come up with a plan. Have you ever tried to survive a week without a plan for a teen?

What are some great frugal or free activities that you can have some family fun at this spring break?

1. The Toronto Public Library has many great events planned for the week ahead. Rachel wants to try out a dance class, and of course they have a couple of art activities (amine drawing and jewelry making) that she wants to try out.

2.Since Rachel loves art and is in high school, we are headed to the AGO. They have some wonderful free programs that teens can participate in.

3. At the TIFF Lightbox there will be lots of fun Workshops in Cinema 5 and there is always the Digi Play Space for kids to check out.

4. My teen is into photography  as well so we are headed to the Allan Garden Conservatory. A great chance to explore the gardens and think spring and take some photos.If your kids are into flowers might be a great place to explore.

5. Movies are a great bet too especially when they are only $2. Empire Theater have their Toonie Matinees back.We are planning on hitting a flick.

6. One of the other things we love is swimming. Here in Toronto Parks and rec offers some free swins and Tim Hortons is sponsoring many throughout the province.

7. For the animal loving kids there is always a trip to the free zoos. At the High Park Zoo you can find many exotic animals. Where Riverdale Farm is a working farm right in the city. Both of these places were favorites of my daughter when she was younger. Now she likes to go and take pictures.

8. Over the years at least one day was spent at the Shops on Steeles as they have a program that is chalked full for kids. Most days it contains a free lunch as well for kids 12 and under. We are sad that my teen is now too old for this, but if you have kids it is lots of fun and free.

Some other great fun and free activities include:
• It looks like our weather here in Toronto will be great next week so how about a walk on the boardwalk. We love taking a great walk along Toronto’s great beaches. 
Another day to snap some great shots for us.

• Have an old fashion game day. On those bad weather days a game day even for teens can be fun break out the old strategy games and take a risk on a good day of fun

• My teen is taking food services in school so we will be doing some cooking and baking during March Break. Getting teens in the kitchen is always fun.

• Explore a neighbourhood in Toronto: 3 of our favorites are Kensington Market, China Town and the Greek Village on the Danforth.

• Arts and crafts- My teen just finished knitting her first scarf but she loves painting and jewelry making and it is a great way to spend some time over the break.

What are you doing this March Break?

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