Funding available for Rural High-Speed Internet Projects

Government is providing funding for small-scale projects that will bring better high-speed Internet service to more rural areas of Nova Scotia.

Municipalities and community groups in all areas of the province are now able to apply for funding to support plans that will improve Internet service over the coming months.

“A lot of people have spent a great deal of time and effort developing ideas about how to access better Internet service, and they deserve a chance to be successful,” said Business Minister Mark Furey. “These first projects may be small, but for those who receive connections they’ll make a big difference and possibly lead to innovative solutions that can be applied in other regions.”

A total of up to $500,000 is available, with a maximum contribution of $75,000 per project.

Applications will be accepted until Dec. 31, and proposals will be reviewed as they are received.

Government continues to review 11 service-provider proposals that would provide additional immediate improvements to Internet service.

These efforts will be co-ordinated and aligned with the work of the recently announced Internet strategy team. By spring 2017, they will develop a long-term strategy that will deliver the maximum benefit for Nova Scotians.

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