Television and Miniseries Supported

Funding commitments to five applicants have been made through the Eastlink TV Independent Production Fund Program.

Applications were received between Sept. 22 and Oct. 14, 2016, and were decided upon by the Nova Scotia Independent Production Fund’s board of directors.

Funding commitments totaling $755,000 have been approved for the following projects:

–TV series Addison season 1, produced by Edison Productions Inc., $145,000
–TV series Inspector Gadget season 3, produced by DHX – Inspector Gadget Productions 3 Inc., $195,720
–TV series Mr. D season 6, produced by Mr. D S6 Productions Limited, $195,720
–TV series Pure season 1, produced by Pure Season 1 Inc., $114,180
–Miniseries Studio Black! season 2, produced by Studio Black Productions Ltd., $104,380

Quick facts:
–The eligibility criteria for the program was designed to ensure maximum employment and growth in the Nova Scotia television industry.
–In order to qualify for funding, the production must meet the eligibility requirements of the Nova Scotia Film and Television Production Incentive or the Nova Scotia Digital Animation Tax Credit.
–The competitive selection process established by the Nova Scotia Independent Production Fund has two stages: first there is a staff review, which is followed by a board of directors’ judging. All final funding decisions are made by the board of directors of the Nova Scotia Independent Production Fund.

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