Funding for Parrsboros Cultural Campus

Parrsboro is looking for more artists, learners, and visitors.

Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage Tony Ince joined members of Parrsboro Creative, today, June 25, to announce $60,000 in funding to help develop a cultural campus to attract professional artists and art learners in various disciplines.

“Creative communities are an important part of Nova Scotia, enhancing life for residents, attracting visitors, and adding to our economic growth,” said Mr. Ince. “Investing in Parrsboro Creative allows us to strengthen and build on excellent assets we already have in this creative community.”

Parrsboro Creative offers workshops in fine craft, fine art, drama and music. It uses artists from Nova Scotia and around the world to teach clay sculpture, playing the ukulele, singing, acting, watercolour painting and photography.

“We at Parrsboro Creative truly think that we’re on the verge of significant change in our progress toward achieving our goals and redefining post-industrial Parrsboro through the cultural lens,” said Michael Fuller, president of Parrsboro Creative. “There is a distinct buzz happening with people who write, call and come here to see for themselves what this developing arts scene is all about.”

The announcement came during a carnival-like celebration in the town that included whimsical sculptures, a parade down Main Street, and visits to cultural institutions in the area.

The funding will help promote and develop the rich cultural experiences in Parrsboro through Parrsboro Creative’s Cultural Campus and initiate an Artist Attraction Program which invites artists to relocate to Parrsboro.

Funding for Parrsboro Creative is through the Support4Culture program.

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