“Plywood Cup” raises money for charity

The “Plywood Cup” took place today at Lake Banook and the turnout was great.


Raising money for Easter Seals, this event involves teams who are provided an amount of plywood, tools and duct tape who have to quickly design and build a boat in a limited amount of time.  Extra duct tape can be purchased for a donation of cash if a team chooses so.


Boats of interesting, and questionable design, took to the water from the beach beside the boat club once building time ran out.  Required to paddle from sure to a buoy about 70′ away, cheers and encouragement erupted for the racers who almost immediately clustered.  Once sorted, a near capsize had the crowd gasping and a full capsize resulted in cheers and laughter.


This fun event will return next year with more unique and clever designs sure to catch the eye.




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