Remember these wings? Created by Susanna Gordon, photographed by me:) I’ve taken them out again to have some fun. I love this message. “You will be okay”. Something we all need to hear.
This morning I dropped my daughter off early at the local Recreation Centre. She is helping to supervise the “Kiddie Caper” graduations. Even the wee ones have their day now. I took advantage of the location and went for a lovely walk along the Northwest Arm. The water was as still as glass and some seagulls were wheeling about. Passing the yacht club I could hear the familiar tinkling sound of the metal bits and pieces clanking against the masts as the boats gently swayed. Great walk. Revved my spirit.
How lucky am I to have this glorious tree blooming just off my back deck! I love June.

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Photo credit: Micah_Dowty from Flickr

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