Game of Thrones – You Can’t Die, You Need To Live, To Take Revenge

I still hate Jaime Lannister. Remember the time he pushed a kid off a roof? He’s evil. But his friendship with Brienne brought out some feelings of sympathy, particularly last week’s episode.

This week took things further, and their conversation around the campfire was a really nice scene.

King’s Landing

There are storylines I like in GOT, and ones I don’t care about so much. I have to force myself to stay away from Pinterest when the fat guy goes to visit that baby in the cold place. (That was the worst sentence I’ve ever typed.) I am super intrigued by Lady Margaery though, and how she has fashioned herself into the Princess Diana of King’s Landing. The people hated Joffrey, but they adore her and now she is incredibly valuable. A brilliant, strategic woman. No one is entirely good or evil on this show, so I’m waiting to see what other attributes Margaery might have besides plain ambition.

It’s fun to watch Cersei freak out about Margaery’s power. She sees how Margaery can manipulate Joffrey and, on top of that making Cersei nervous, I think she’s jealous.

Game-Of-Thrones-1845799I’m also fascinated by Margaery’s grandmother, Lady Olenna, and her conversation this week with Varys. They both have interests in Sansa, not as a person but as a tool. Varys knows that Littlefinger wants to use her to seek power, and he wants to stop Littlefinger from achieving it.

Sansa is a hostage of King’s Landing, but Margaery is kind to her and will eventually be queen. Maergery spoke of marrying off Sansa to her brother, Willas, so Sansa could live in Highgarden. It’s a nice plan, but I don’t see poor Sansa finding a happy ending.


When Daeny made the deal to trade one of her dragons for the Unsullied soldiers, I wondered if it was a ploy. Her dragons are hers, and I wasn’t sure one would obey a new person. I figured Daeny knew that the dragon would come back to her. The scene was actually much more epic than that. Daeny has been able to speak the language of Astapor all along. She used the Unsullied soldiers to free all the slaves of Astapor, and to kill anyone with a whip. Badass. What a way to end the episode!

I know I only touched on two of the storylines this week, so feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the comments!

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