The Amazing Race – The Haunting

tar lettersThe challenges this week on The Amazing Race were some of the best they’ve been, but I still struggle with not really liking any of the teams. Am I really supposed to care that the blond country singers are in love with the hunky hockey brothers? I am not surprised, that’s for sure.

They’re like two Carrie Underwood wannabes!

In this leg, the teams ended up pretty spread out and it seemed like many of the teams expected to be in last place.

The teams were sent to Germany, where they first had to complete a quiz about the Berlin Wall from inside a car before they could move on. Next, they had to do a freefall off a large building – very cool.

The Detour was a choice between putting together a model train set, or running all over the city moving giant, neon letters from Point A to Point B. The hockey bros nearly ruined everything when they cracked the letter they were carrying. They switched tasks, which nearly landed them in last place. Only the roller derby moms were in worse shape, since they got completely lost. The model train was a little more difficult than you’d think. Megan and Joey completed it, and later the hockey bros.

After that, one team member had to complete a small task in a creepy room. It’s a hard to describe, right? It was basically a haunted house. The hockey bros and roller derby moms ended up there at around the same time, and both had thought they were in last place.

Max and Katie came in first place, with Joey and Meghan coming in second quite a bit later. The blond country singers came in third. It came down to a footrace between the hockey bros and the roller derby moms, with the hockey bros coming out on top. But it didn’t matter – it was a non-elimination round. Yawn! I like the roller derby moms OK, but there’s no one I’m really rooting for or against this season. What about you guys?

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