Get a break…without the enter

Get a break…without the enter March is a great time to travel and escape the winter blues. Unfortunately, it can also be a time for criminals to take advantage of many people who are away this time of year. The RCMP in Nova Scotia would like to remind March break travelers of safety tips to ensure an enjoyable winter break… without the enter:

– Get a friend or neighbour to look-in on your house.

– Keep your plans private. Do not to talk about your trip on social networking sites. Your personal information can be viewed by many people including potential criminals.

– Leave your curtains and blinds the way you normally do and ensure valuables cannot be seen from the windows.

– Think about setting your lights on a timer instead of leaving them off or on the whole time you are gone. Also consider setting your tv, radio and other electronics on timers to enhance the lived in appearance of your home.

– Nothing screams “no one’s home” like piled up mail and newspapers. Make sure someone picks them up for you or stop delivery.

– Make sure your doors and windows are locked. Use your dead bolts and use the holding bars on your sliding glass doors. If you have a home alarm system, ensure it is activated.

– Consider where you are putting your spare key. Criminals will always check in the “normal” spots including under your mat, above the door frame, in the potted plant and the mailbox.

For more March Break Safety Tips visit Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nova Scotia on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @RCMPNS.


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