Getting Organized

There is still time to enter The Prairie Naturals Protein Powder giveaway and The Vitatops giveaway.  Both close at Noon AST so enter soon, only a few hours left!!

I decided to give myself the rest of the week to rest.  I think this was a good decision on my part.  No evening commitments, no pressure just me time and hubby time.

Recipes were searched, new ones found along with an oldie but a goodie.  So happy that Jaime still had the recipe for the ChocoBrans!!

Although to be honest last night was pretty much a write off in terms of no stress because I spilled water in my laptop keyboard and spent a good part of the evening taking it all apart.  I got most of it cleaned but the keys are sometimes going off by themselves.  I plugged a regular keyboard into one of the USB ports but it doesn’t automatically turn the built in keyboard off?  Apparently I also have some type of disk issue too.  I think I’m going to have to get all my files organized on to my stick and then reformat.  Or at least clean it up alot, UGH……what a pain.  I have stuff ALL over the place on here. 🙁

Supper was a healthified version of a burger & fries.

Made with Blue Menu Angus Burgers & McCain Low Fat Baked Fries.  I love both of these products!  The fries are 2 points per serving, awesome when you get a craving for salty carbs! 😉

Burger topped with melted swiss, ketchup, baby spinach, light mayo, mustard, diced onions & sliced tomato.  On my fav ww’s bun. 

Gotta get my greens in too:

Fries with salt, vinegar & ketchup.

Anyways, this all I got for ya right now!

Have  a great day!

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