The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For…

I love ending the week announcing giveaway winners!!  Yes, I’m aware that it’s only Thursday, but I took a vacation day tomorrow so technically it’s the end of the week for me! 😉

*drum roll*

The winner of the Prairie Natural’s Protein Powder Giveaway is Shrinking Jen!

pn pn1

And, the winner of the Deep Chocolate Vitatop Giveaway is Marissa! Yah, Marissa – great to hear from you too!, I’ve missed your blog 🙂

vi vt1

Congrats ladies!  Please send me an email to with your shipping details so that we can get your packages out.

In other exciting news hubs and I are chaperoning his younger brother and friends tonight at the Billy Talent & Alexisonfire concert. To be honest I don’t really have a clue about their music.  When did I get SO old?  LOL. 

*Update*  Hubby is playing some of Billy Talents videos from YouTube and I sorta know some of them.   As in, I’ve heard them on the radio, maybe?  Should be an interesting night, considering it’s standing room only and I wore heels all day.  What was I thinking? I am totally hitting up Starbucks beforehand!!

Alright, I’m outty. hehe!  Be back tomorrow morning with a fun mailbox surprise to try for breakkie.

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