Giving Birth and Being A Mom Not Always Safe

I have been pregnant twice in my life.

When I was pregnant the first time 20 years ago I was terrified to say the least. I had not planned on getting pregnant that summer in fact it was the farthest thing from my mind.  I had been raped and even though I had been given meds the morning after I still found myself pregnant.

At that time in my life I was an active Mormon (member of the Church of Latter Day Saints) and I would not think of abortion, but then I would of been a single young mom on my own and how would I ever tell a child of her or his conception. So I decided to give the child that was growing inside me up for adoption. As I looked through files of possible parents, I wondered what would become of this young being.

Well at 18 weeks in, my cervix suddenly opened. Nothing could be done to stop what was happening. It was a whirl of activity in the emergency room, and I was thankful I was in Canada where I could get the best of care. I lost the babe I was carrying, and was told it was unlikely I would ever carry a child to term.

Fast forward 7 years, I was a newly wed, excited about being a step mother to 3 awesome kids, and life was good or so I thought. Shortly after our honeymoon I figured out I was late. I sent my now ex husband to the store for a kit that confirmed my suspicions. I wondered would I lose this child too.  I sought medical care in rural New Mexico where I lived at the time. I was able to get great care again for which I am thankful, my pregnancy was well monitored. My first 14 weeks I was extra careful willing my babe in waiting to be patient. At 14 weeks they were able to sew my cervix shut so my babe would have a safe place to grow.

Even thought my pregnancy became even more high risk I still got the best care. I felt safe, and was able to deliver a beautiful daughter at 37 weeks.

Now why am I writing about my pregnancies?

Moms 4 Moms

Moms writing and supporting Every Mom Counts an organization that wants every mom to have a safe birthing experience.

Did You Know?

• There is one maternal death every 90 seconds.
• 15% of all pregnancies result in complications during labor and delivery and sometimes are fatal.
• Pregnancy is the biggest killer of girls ages 15-19.
• For every woman who dies in childbirth, 20 more suffer from debilitating complications.

And the most important thing

90% of these deaths were preventible, we have the knowledge!

What can we do? What can I a frugal mom do?

There are a few ways to lend a to Every Mom Counts. Tell your kids and hubby forgo the big gifts and the flowers and how about saving lives this Mother’s Day. Please do visit Every Mom Counts and see how you can count! A cell phone, a donation or even sharing the message all of it helps. Doesn’t every woman deserve to live when giving birth? You and me, all of us working together lets get this right, and help moms .


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