GM recalls thousands of vehicles due to automatic headlamps issue

Via Transport Canada:

General Motors has announced a significant recall, as per Transport Canada’s directive, impacting about 8,000 vehicles. This recall primarily addresses a concern with the automatic headlamps in some car models. Initiated on November 2, 2023, with an update on November 3, the issue pertains to the headlamps not activating quickly enough in low light conditions, potentially reducing visibility and increasing crash risks.

The affected models are varied and include:

Buick Enclave (2021)
Cadillac XT4 (2021, 2024)
Chevrolet Blazer (2021)
Chevrolet Colorado (2023)
Chevrolet Malibu (2021)
Chevrolet Traverse (2021)
GMC Canyon (2023)

Owners of these models should be aware of the recall. General Motors aims to resolve the issue by updating the body control module (BCM) software in these vehicles. This update ensures compliance with the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, notably Standard Number 108, which governs lighting systems and retroreflective devices.

Vehicle owners affected by this recall will be contacted by General Motors. Additionally, owners can call General Motors at 1-800-263-3777 or visit their website to check if their vehicle is included in the recall. Prompt attention to this recall is vital for maintaining road safety and adhering to national safety standards.

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