Goodbye 2009!

It’s been a long time since I last saw this “new post” screen. I think about writing something every now and again, but I’ve been avoiding it I suppose. My plan is to just jump back in and see what happens – especially since most of my big goals for 2010 involve writing.

Anywho, back to 2009. As a co-worker so eloquently said, “a lot happened”. And when you smush a whole year into one little post yeah, a lot did happen:
My mother remarried in May – I was a bridesmaid, I was a blubbering idiot.
My father remarried – I was not a blubbering idiot, it was Christmasy and easy.
My grandfather died – Having never had a close relative pass away, this was a major learning experience. It also sucked greatly.
My nephew turned 1 – He’s still awesome, and at the age of 21 months he can now say my name and since adults often have trouble with it, this is quite the feat.
I got full-time – I have job security, a reliable schedule, I’ll never have to go through the interview process again and I’ll have medical benefits in a month. This was a game changer.
I “bought” my first car – It’s a 15 year old Camry that’s still running greatish. It was my mom’s before it was mine and I just do little payments every month. But it’s mine gosh darnit! and I have the repair bills to prove it.
I re-moved out on my own – I had been sharing an apartment with the previously mentioned mother, but that changed in April and I have a 2 bedroom in Bedford. I will not be moving again until I can afford to pay someone to do it for me. Moving is the worst.
Oh what else… I guess that’s the major “lights” (both high and low). Overall 2009 uh, happened? I dunno. It’s hard to label it as “great” or “worst” because it just is what it is. I can say that there are a lot of things I would like to change, hence and therefore my next post will be all idealistic and plan-y.

Things We Loved/Would like to bury in the past

Hello 2010!