Things We Loved/Would like to bury in the past

L-A: Happy 2010!  A soccer team somewhere in the States made the mistake of using Papyrus font for “2010″ and everyone thought the team was supposed to be called the Zolo.  Oopsydoops.

Anyway,  NYE/New Year’s Day is a time for lists. I like lists all year long, but everyone and their dog loves lists on Dec. 31. So to join in with the rabble, here’s a list or two from me:

Things I hope never resurface from the past year:

  1. Jeggings.
  2. Tights as pants (especially if they are sheer. Don’t make me sing “I see London, I see France” on the streets).
  3. Pretty much everything Chloe Sevigny has worn in the past ten years
  4. Lindsay Lohan’s wardrobe (the tights, the Ungaro mess)
  5. Kate Gosselin’s hair cut

Things I Loved over the past year:

  1. the word be-rainbowed
  2. my expensive addictions to really pretty purses and Tiffany’s (actually, this would be an “I’m thankful my parents moved within driving distance to a really bitchin’ outlet mall)
  3. Really great stores opening downtown – local shopping just keeps getting better.
  4. nutella muffins
  5. All of you reading this blog! Seriously. I cannot say it enough. Every time I see the stat counter telling me that people are reading, I am blown away.
  6. Shoe Porn Mondays (damn. there goes my nice neat list of five…but still. It was a genius idea from Eden).

Oh, there’s more. Of course there is. That’s how lists work. They really can go on forever if you let them. I’m sticking with five random things (first that came to mind) rather than spending weeks cultivating the ultimate top five of the decade (which I’d only regret the next morning. Kind of like how I’d regret that shot of tequila because it seemed like a good idea at the time).

We do have one “housekeeping” (hate that word) item to bring up with you: We’re moving from five days a week to three days a week. As we’ve mentioned before, we started this blog on a whim and there was zero planning involved. Not really the way to start a project, but there you have it. And up until November, we did okay with the schedule. But, the arrival of BabyG has taken up a lot of Ally’s time (babies are so needy) and my new paying job have made it really hard to blog on a daily basis. So, to keep blogging fun and to keep the quality of posts up to snuff (because it takes time to hunt down that perfectly crappy pop video), we’ll now be posting every Monday (shoe porn!), Wednesday (whatever we feel like!) and Friday (favourites!).  Hopefully you’ll still be reading, even though we’ll be ignoring Tuesday and Thursday.

January 1

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