Google Creation: Time Crystal

Google made a significant breakthrough, scientists that work in Google research centres in collaboration with physicists from Stanford, Princeton, and other universities. The behaviour of time crystal managed to avoid the second law of thermodynamics while getting out of the ”equilibrium phase”. In simple words, Google’s crystal has order and stability even though it is in an excited and evolving state.

The second law of thermodynamics states that systems tend to settle in a state known as maximum entropy. The maximum entropy principle claims that if we take precisely stated information and set all trial probability distributions that would encode given information, maximal data entropy is the best choice to work with everything considered.

Possible Usage of Google Time Crystal in Everyday Life

In 2019 Sycamore quantum Google computer make a breakthrough. Computer completed a specific task in 200 seconds that a regular computer would need 10 000 years to complete. Building blocks in Sycamore are something that is in the base of Time crystal. With Sycamore quantum and its possibilities in time and space distinction. Time is another dimension, and it could become something that scientists could work with this matter—Einstein’s unification, weaving 3D space together with time into 4D. Scientists find a way of time crystal use that everyday people can easily understand and see in everyday life. Time crystals could get used as a power source for superconductors. Superconductors allow electrons to move without resistance. At this moment, they are using them in medicine and engineering. Superconductors speed up connections between computer chips.

If we assume that time crystals will power up superconductors that speed up the connection between computer parts, this might affect internet speed in the future. It could affect the rate of submarine communications cables and significantly lower latency in streaming and gaming services. So playing web browser games, especially latency depending on the Live Roulette games, should be experienced without freezing the screen and long load periods. If this is one of the possibilities in future, users will download other full-blown games in periods of nanoseconds.

What is a Time Crystal?

Google used a quantum processor to observe a genuine time crystal. A time crystal is a form of matter, a state that could potentially rank with solids, liquids, gases, and more. A time crystal is an object whose parts move in a symmetrical, repeating cycle without burning energy. Time crystal would be the first object that spontaneously breaks time translation symmetry. At the same time, the crystal is stable but also ever-changing depending on the time. Time crystals behave like no other known system. Unlike other systems, they don’t tend towards disorder and chaos. They negate entropy law with the particular time crystal state they get stuck in. Researches used a 20 qubit chip to serve as a time crystal, and the laptop can simulate ten qubits. If we try a little more, we will reach hardware limits. Qubits are two-state quantum mechanical systems. Putting quantum in the classic computer might be a clever way of usage, but it still needs to be found and perfected. Next-gen quantum computers that will have time crystals as part of their structure are still far away, this discovery was significant, but it is still in the super early phase. This discovery will be paramount when it gets a role in everyday life.

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