How your vehicle will benefit from new tires

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re driving your car and suddenly your steering wheel is pulling to one side or the other? When this happens, it is most likely since your tires are wearing down. This might seem like a small issue at the moment but it can lead to bigger problems down the road if left unattended. Newer cars usually come equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems that monitor the air pressure in all four car tires and this system sends warnings when there is an issue so that you know that something needs to be done before a disaster occurs. If this has recently happened to you, now is the perfect time for new tires. By investing in newer, higher quality tires like those available at Canada Custom Autoworks, a tire shop in Regina, you get much better performance out of your vehicle. This is  are many other benefits for your car including the following:

It will save you money on gas

Many people don’t realize this but the condition of your tires affects your gas. If your tires are worn out and have an uneven tread pattern, your gas mileage will be negatively affected because your car works harder to provide power to the ground. If you want the best results, you need to have your tires mounted properly, balanced and they need to always be inflated to the correct pressure. Whenever you replace your worn-out tires, you should also have your vehicle aligned by a mechanic because this will make sure that your new tires don’t get prematurely worn out and it will also ensure that you are provided with the best possible gas mileage.

You’ll be able to stop quicker

Another important benefit from new tires on your vehicle is that you will have better braking and this is because the amount of tread, as well as the condition of your tires, affects your vehicle’s ability to stop. As your tire tread starts to deteriorate, your braking distance lengthens, especially in bad weather conditions. When you install new tires, you immediately feel the difference in your vehicle’s stopping power which will provide more confidence and a sense of peace knowing that your braking ability is safe.

Improved traction

You should never wait until your tired tread completely wears out before you replace them. “Bald” tires as they are commonly known are very dangerous. When you buy tires, they are generally set to last a certain amount of time, however, some factors can drastically reduce the service life of your tires such as driving habits and certain driving conditions. In many places, some laws require cars to have tires with a certain tread depth to be road-worthy because bald tires struggle to maintain traction on the road. This is why you want to get new tires because the tread will last longer and it is a lot safer because bald tires on the road, especially during wet conditions, are high risk. It might cost a bit of money however it is best to budget for the extra cost and always keep track of the wear levels of your tires.

You’ll have more control over your vehicle

Finally, having a new set of tires gives you a lot more control over your vehicle and offers better performance overall. With new tires, your vehicle’s ability to stop, go, and turn increases which provides a healthier driving experience. The quality of your tires also influences the distance it will take for your car to come to a stop and the speed that it takes for you to enter a turn.

Overall, new tires are mandatory and you cannot escape eventually replacing your tires. New tires provide you with more safety on the road and can withstand harsh conditions on the road better than worn-out tires. You will save money on gas with new tires, you will be able to stop quicker which is very important in an emergency, your tire tread will also last longer with new tires and lastly, you will have more control over your vehicle which is very important.

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