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Like many of us, a redesign & redecorating client of mine had many wonderful photos throughout his home. Each one carries a special story – all are personal. In addition, this particular client has a great eye and is very talented with his camera, so the pictures are simply beautiful.

I was struck by an idea that was inspired by a page in the Ikea catalogue. Why not dedicate a specific place in the house to bring all of these images together? An awkward space at the bottom of the stairs was crying out for a bit of help. It was the perfect spot.

Instead of separate photos getting lost throughout the house, this photo wall has big impact. From a design perspective, it makes for unique and interesting art and reads like one big piece. From a personal perspective, it begs you to spend some time, stand in front if it, and get a strong sense of the lives lived by those who call this home.

The strength of this particular photo wall is the black & white element. The frames are all different shapes and sizes, but they are all black frames with (mostly) all white mats. All the photos are black and white as well, so there are no strong colors to compete or detract from the overall effect. There are a couple that vary slightly from this, just to add in an extra touch of interest.

Pulling together a wall like this one takes time – in particular, special attention must be paid to hanging each and every frame. Don’t be fooled by this arrangement – it’s “loosey – goosey” look makes it more casual than formal, but it is carefully planned.

Here are a few tips: start with one frame placed at eye level and build out from there. It’s very helpful to lay the framed photos out on the floor and rearrange them until you are satisfied with the layout. Another option is to save the paper that’s the same size of the frame (usually comes as part of the packaging when buying new) or make paper cutouts, and tape them to the wall until you find a layout you like. Much easier to do it this way then to later fill extra holes you made in the wall!

Make sure you have your measuring tape, a level, and a healthy dose of patience on hand.

I’m very happy with how this photo wall turned out. It’s my favorite, so far. In fact, it tells quite a story…and of course, it leaves lots of room for growth, ensuring that many new wonderful memories will have a special place of honor.

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