rouge loves ‘em!

Here are a few of my latest favorite things…

great stools – Despite all the rage for garden stools these days, I must admit I’m not so sure. I think they can add a touch of whimsy into a very specific design style. But more often than not, I think they might look a bit off when added to many existing styles. However, I spotted this gem of a stool in HomeSense the other day, and it really appealed to me. Recycled sand-cast aluminum embracing simple and clean design, it’s hand-formed, hand-poured and hand-finished. It comes in two finishes: as seen here in a silvery-aluminum and in a dark brown–bronze. These will easily complement many more design styles. It can be used as a stool tucked under a small desk or writing table, or perhaps placed near the door to sit on while taking shoes on/off, as a side or end table, as a foot stool, as a bedside table, placed near a soaker tub to hold a glass of wine and a book, pulled out for a little extra seating, or…

hot fans – if you are looking for that splash of bright color, why not try one of these? Finally, someone has a made a fan that is not hideous looking. With retro styling these fans are not only functional, but fun and would be a welcome addition to any hot space. Featured in stainless steel, black, yellow, orange, lime green and white.

candlesticks – I love a big grouping of random candlesticks like this one. Look around…they are fun to shop for and versatile because they can be found in all shapes and sizes and at all price points. Move ‘em around your house in different groupings when you want a change and you will never get tired of them! Pictured here are two from Canadian Tire, two from HomeSense and two from the Dollar Store.

“upcycling” – rouge loves this “new” term. It’s different from recycling because in decorating and design lingo, it means finding a great old flea market piece and making it better than new. Another way to say “make-over” really. More often than not, it means spending more $$ fixing it up than what it cost to buy, but you end up with a beautiful and unique piece. We’ve all been doing this for ages of course, but with today’s focus on the economy, I love that it’s now trendy and makes more people think twice about what we buy, what we add to landfills, the lifespan of things, and how to re-love our stuff. Check out the July issue of Style at Home for more on this.

“glamping” – I just had to add this in here. “Glamping” is a term coined for “glamorous camping” and luxury camping companies have been popping up all over the world in incredible outdoor locations. Described as “treehouse meets penthouse”, among the top ten are companies located in The Maldives, Chilie, California, Tanzania, Australia, Switzerland, Arizona, Montana, Jordan, and yes, even in British Columbia, Canada. Google it…you’ll be amazed!

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