Got up this Mornin’

The past few weeks have gone by in a blur, and I’m tempted to skip recounting my trip to Toronto, but will instead give up some jot notes.

The city is crazy. I don’t like crowds of teenagers. I’m jealous of their public transportation system. I wish we had a Sephora here. The weather was awful. The people were rude. I had a great time hanging with two good friends. I wish we had a weird hippie village that extended further than the Black Market.

Oh yes, and I love roller coasters:

Heh heh heh

When I returned back east I was greeted by three weeks of bad weather and an impending move that hurt my head. A bunch of broken stuff and a wad of cash later, I bid a sad farewell to my apartment of two years, a mere five minute walk from downtown. It caused me a lot of stress, with appliances breaking, the wind rushing in during winter, and a few mice (the folks downstairs swear they saw rats), but I will miss it.

I’m Littlest Hobo-ing it by staying with a friend until the lady whose house I’m going to be looking after flies off to Greece on the 18th (all together now–jealous!). So my Hali-ventures continue for a little while longer.

Virgin Festival
was great, dirty fun. I ruined a pair of shoes, got splattered in mud, and had unfortunate run-ins with drunk, shirtless, sweaty guys… the worst. I enjoyed just about everyone who played, but especially got a kick out of seeing Dinosaur Jr., Hey Rosetta!, and the Handsome Furs. The Offspring were a lot of fun in a weird, nostalgic way… I used to love Smash back in the day and may have gotten a little excited when they played “Come Out and Play” and “Self Esteem”.

Offspring! Before I got punched a lot and moved back from the front.

This Saturday is “stand outside the Commons and listen to Macca for free” day. It’s also filled with Jazz Fest goodness (side note: Sa-ba-da-OW!). I’m checking out Verbal Warnin’ at the festival tent and most likely skipping Retro Night for some Pixies goodness at the Seahorse.

Sunday is… drumroll… Twitter Rafters! My organizational skills have been put to good work. I think it’s going to be a great day. Day trips are lovely, especially when complemented with friends and activities that are potentially detrimental to your well-being (I have waivers for us to sign). Goodness.

Photo credit: JoshuaDavisPhotography.COM from Flickr

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