Grant Supports Safety Program in Cape Breton

A program in Cape Breton that focuses on safety, crime prevention, empowerment and well-being for seniors is receiving provincial funding this year.

MLA David Wilton, on behalf of Leo Glavine, Minister of Seniors, announced a grant of $20,000 to the Association for Safer Cape Breton Communities.

“This program works to understand the safety issues of seniors and then helps to address them,” said Mr. Wilton. “By connecting police and seniors in conversation, seniors in our community can get the programs and services they really want and need.”

The Senior Safety Program works in partnership with the Cape Breton Regional Police to promote safety and education, staying active, positive mental and physical health, independence and crime prevention.

The program accommodates the diverse interests, needs and abilities of seniors in Cape Breton, by providing specific programming and information sessions upon the public’s request. The use and safety of the Internet and smartphone devices is an area of growing interest.

“With this investment we are able to hire a senior safety co-ordinator who is dedicated to the unique needs our aging population has,” said Sgt. Tom Ripley, executive director for the Association for Safer Cape Breton Communities. “The co-ordinator works directly with the Cape Breton Regional Police to provide seniors with support and education on topics like phone and Internet fraud, general safety, and the importance of having a will.”

The program is overseen by the community’s senior stakeholders and the Association for Safer Cape Breton Communities committee, which is comprised of over 50 agencies and departments. The funding will be used to enhance and continue the program.

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