great big job (tale #4)

Here is the latest update on the “great big job, great client” (see blog from November 28th)…

My apologies for not giving faithful just a little rouge readers and update on this for so long! I guess the holidays have a way of overshadowing other things…but now, back to business.

Move in date is in FOUR DAYS.

And I’m really happy to report that everything is on schedule. It has been a crazy house of activity! Electrical, plumbing, drywall, cabinet installation, floor installation, lighting installation, wood stove intstallation, sinks, taps, toliets, tubs, showers, tiling, trim, painting…and on and on it goes.

It’s actually quite amazing to think about how it’s all coming together. The last little bits are probably the most exciting (and anxious) moments of the entire project build. It’s when you get to start seeing the finishing touches that will make or break the client’s satisfaction with the house.

You know all those “little” things that may drive you crazy about your home? A slightly off centre tap, a not so level sink, the handrail in the stairwell that you thought would look a bit different…potentially some of the charming quirks that give a home some character.

But, even bigger potential to make you insane when you move in. Again, the key to not having to “just live with it” after the fact is the diligence it takes to be at the house all the time to check in on what’s happening. At this stage, it was necessary for the client to be at the house as often as twice a day!

The key learning here is that it’s much easier to have a tradesperson fix something they’ve just done, rather than try to get them to come back to fix it after they’ve gone. Luckily, the builder in this project has been great. Because the client doesn’t actually get the keys until after the final inspection, there is very little argument to getting something adjusted, if it’s not what he wants.

Rouge will be onsite next week, after the official move in, to help out…furniture placement, reassessing décor plans to adjust for the unexpected, and of course helping pull it all together.

I can hardly wait for the big reveal to just a little rouge readers!

Tune in next week to see more…

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming and other tales of espionaage

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming and other tales of espionage