Green Beaver review

Yesterday was the first day Halifax had summer-like weather after a 8-degree few grey days. It was so warm and sunny. Squirt had a friend’s birthday party while we ran errands, then we all headed over a friend’s for a hot pot. It was so much fun having it with friends, the food, conversation and then dessert. It was like the best day off ever.

I was sent 2 products from Green Beaver, a Canadian certified organic company that I miss out in the loop until I was told about it.

One reason I haven’t heard about it would be their products are mostly available at health food stores which is not the most popular place you can find me.

Second, I haven’t heard much about the brand (even when it is Canadian) on the media, advertising or even blogs. I was glad to see some reviews popping up and when I was offered a chance to review. Ultimately, I love to promote Canadian products, even better when they are organic.

Their products range from body, facial to oral, with special ranges for winter and junior, which is great. You all know or heard how bad Canadian winter could be, and we love to take good care of our kids, don’t we 🙂

The first product I tested out was the Blemish foam for acne-prone skin. I couldn’t find it on their website, but it is quite close to the Blemish mousse on there.

The product has lemon extracts and witch hazel, and is supposed to be applied over acne-prone areas with no rinsing off afterward.

The foam was very runny the first few uses for me. It was only foam for the first second, then turned right to water. And it ran everywhere on my face.

Now that I used it often enough, it got a bit better, but I still don’t like the texture. A cream or lotion would guarantee better coverage and I know it’s still there, not running off the spots.

Does it work on my acne-prone skin? It did keep the acne at bay, but didn’t cure it. I saw that my few acne on the forehead looked a bit better in the morning, but they came back at night when I took my makeup off. I gave the product a long testing period, and applied twice a day as suggested, but it didn’t do what I expected it to do on my face.

The second product was the Lip Shimmer, in Rose – a very pale pink, almost white colour.

For that reason, the colour didn’t show on me, except for that shimmer effect that it was supposed to show. It would work great on top of a lipstick, but wouldn’t work by itself. It kept my lips moisturized throughout the winter.

The scent: the product did have a subtle flowery scent but did fade away after a few minutes.

The mechanism: I have a small problem with using the stick. It twisted up but not down. This would be very inconvenient, as I had to push it again my lips to bring it down before closing the cap.

All in all, I like the shimmer and that the product is organic, so I love putting it on my lips, minus the scent and the way the product doesn’t come back down.

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