NOTD: L’Oreal Black Turquoise

I did have a review post scheduled for today, but the company’s website seems to be down this morning (I can’t access it), so that post will have to wait. Want to see my sparkly nails instead? 🙂

This is another L’Oreal Resist & Shine Titanium Black shade called Black Turquoise.

Despite the turquoise/ teal flash you see in the bottle, it looks black IRL both in the bottle and on the nails, very little shimmer – same issue as I had with Black Gold.

If L’Oreal could add a bit more of the coloured fine glitters, it would have been a fantastic shade. However, I have to give them credit for the opacity of these polishes. This is a ONE coater, and took little time to dry, even before the top coat.

Didn’t want to wear a black polish to work, I added some colour on top. This is NYC White Lights Glitter with blue and green glitters in clear base. It looks boring in the bottle, even the flash couldn’t bring out the glitter colours, but it became a total different polish on top of Black Turquoise.

Click the pictures to see the bling. On the left is indirect flash, on the right is with blurry effect 🙂 The glitters brought a lot more depth and a flash of colour to the black. This looks like a subtle version of OPI Alice. I am loving it.

Update: The lost comments the other night were back on my dashboard, so happy. I don’t get many comments, so didn’t want to lose any 🙂 Have a great long weekend, ladies!

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