Spring production of “Bedroom Farce!”

Bedford Players presents their spring production of Alan Ayckbourn’s Bedroom Farce, directed by Stacey Fownes.

This lighthearted comedy tells of four married couples who are at different stages in their relationships, and whose lives intersect over the course of an evening.

A funny endearing show that will make you laugh a lot and think just a little.

Performances run from April 22 to May 8 (Thursdays to Saturdays) at 8:00 p.m. and a matinee on May 2 at 2:00 p.m.

Tickets: Adults $15; Students/Seniors: $12.

Tickets may be reserved at 832-3300 or on line: www.bedfordplayers.ns.ca.

Bedford Players will donate $1 from each ticket to the relief efforts in Haiti. There’s much to rebuild. And many to heal, clothe, shelter and feed. So come on out, see a play and help the people of Haiti.

Cast of Bedroom Farce

Ernest (Jim Lindsey) – Aged 45-65 – married to Delia; father to Trevor; bird-like and bumbling, Ernest’s role in life is to acquiesce to his wife’s wishes.

Delia (Sandy Mitchell) – Aged 45-65 – married to Ernest; mother to Trevor; rules the roost & has very definite opinions about everything.

Nick (Brad Morrison) – Aged 25-40 – married to Jan; a natural born complainer; handsome and trendy.

Jan (Wendy Hutt) – Aged 25-40 – married to Nick; former girlfriend to Trevor; mostly sensible; stylish and pretty.

Malcolm (Curtis Skinner) – Aged 25-40 – married to Kate; good sense of fun; host of the party.

Kate (Clair Henderson) – Aged 25-40 – married to Malcolm; also has good sense of humour; hostess of the party.

Trevor (Joshua Lawrence) – Aged 25-40 – married to Susannah; son of Ernest & Delia; very immature and struggling with the responsibility of being married.

Susannah (Ellen Oldford) – Aged 25-40 – married to Trevor; a bit of a wing-nut; utterly lacking in self-confidence.

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