Gregor Ash for NDP

Gregor Ash is the nominated candidate for the New Democratic Party of Canada in the riding of Halifax West.

So an election has been called, as most of you are probably well aware. My fantastic group of staff and volunteers are busy getting things underway – setting up our office (located at 3657 Dutch Village Road), organizing events, and getting signs up, while I concentrate on getting out to meet as many residents as I can before the May 2 election day.

I’ve been canvassing now since my Nomination back in November 2009, so have met a lot of you at the door, where I’ve been welcomed either enthusiastically, or at the very least, with respect and kindness. I’ve also managed – through the over 4000 houses I’ve visited – to get a good sense of what the major concerns are, both locally as well as nationally.

These concerns seem to center primarily around transportation challenges, infrastructure, pensions, post-secondary education, healthcare and poor leadership. I can assure you that I’m listening closely to what you’re telling me, and if elected, will make sure to take those concerns to Ottawa and work tirelessly to resolve them.

So now that I’ve brought you up to date on where things stand with respect to the election, let me give you some sense of why I’ve decided to run for the NDP in Halifax West in this election.

I’ve lived in Halifax for the last 20 years. Five of those were spent in Clayton Park, so I know the district, I know the issues, and it’s this knowledge that will help me serve the people of Halifax West in Ottawa.

I want to get things done. A lifelong NDP voter, I feel the time has come for me to step forward and fulfill a lifelong desire to serve my community. Public service and political life should be more about people, making lives better, and creating strong communities, and less about providing lifetime jobs for career politicians.

There are big problems that need solving in this country, but there are also enormous opportunities to change the way we do things, to find innovative new solutions, and to renew the bonds that have made Canada the great country it is. I want to offer my service on behalf of the voters of Halifax West to be part of that change.

Halifax West needs a passionate, new voice in Ottawa that reflects its strong, unique personality; one not stuck in the old-style politics and posturing that has deadlocked Ottawa over the past few years. I believe I have that voice.

Whether tackling the larger national and global issues of the day such as the economy and climate control, a Green Jobs strategy, pension reform and health care, or the ones on our doorstep, such as the need for safe and vibrant communities, infrastructure and transit challenges, arts and culture, sustainable housing, and elder care, my promise is to work passionately on behalf of all residents of Halifax West.

And on a closing note…Ottawa has to stop being about personal agendas and egos, and get back to representing the needs and aspirations of the Canadian people. With your help I’ll do my part to make this happen.

Gregor Ash

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