Grey Day

Baby it’s cold outside……..finally feels like winter. We’ve had a good one so far and I am grateful for that. Just January and February to get through and even though March is still wintery, the quality of the light changes and Spring begins! We are almost halfway through January!

This wee bird is a mourning dove. There are a few pairs that hang about my feeder and start munching when everyone else has had their fill. They are ground feeders, so like to sit right on the tray and peck at the seeds. I love their haunting cry.

Still doing well on the “reclaiming myself” front. Have upped the exercise. BustaMove is in 17 days! I’ve heard that Richard Simmons will be around for a lot of the day giving encouragement and then leading his class at the end of it all. Should be a fun day. Thanks to all who have donated. I’ve reached my goal and my daughter is almost there:)

Sad news about Haiti. A country that was in difficult shape even before this devastating earthquake. My friend Marilyn has put together a Haiti twitter list so if you are interested or on twitter and want to follow news that way you can refresh every now and then to see updates. MatadorChange is organizing a volunteer mission for people who want to help out. Jet Blue might be supplying the transport. Here is an extensive list on how you can help Haiti


Photopool: Rapelling down the side of 1801 Hollis

Video: RCMP press conference on missing officer on duty in Haiti