Grocery Deals: Jun 28 – July 4 2013

Here’s the weekly roundup of grocery deals from local merchants.  Thanks to dev0kan on Reddit for this one.
Gateway 667 Main St. Dartmouth
Romaine Lettuce $0.07 (Limit 5 per customer)
Valley Strawberries (quart) $2.97
Blueberries (pint) $2.47
Pineapple $1.97
Olivieri Butter Chicken Sauce (200 ml) $0.25
Olivieri Red Thai Curry Sauce (200 ml) $0.25
Olivieri White Wine Sauce (200 ml) $0.25
Sunrise Shaved Roast Beef (200 g) $1.97
Sunrise Shaved Cooked Ham (200 g) $1.97Sobeys

Friday – Sunday Only

Hothouse Tomatoes $0.88/lb ($1.94/kg)
Farmers Ice Cream 1.5L $2.49
Redpath Sugar 2KG $1.77
Pepsi 12x355ml $2.99
All week
Kraft Miracle Whip $3.47
Heinz Tomato Ketchup $3.47
Black Diamond Cheese Slices 500g $2.49
Cherrios 260-330g $1.99
Ben’s Hot Dog or Hamburger buns 8’s 3/$4.98
Kraft Philadelphia Dips $1.99
Christie Cookies $1.99
Lay’s Family Size Chips 270g 2/$5.50
Bulls-Eye BBQ Sauce $1.00
Five Alive, Fruitopia, Nestea Drinks 1.75L 4/$5.00
Pepsi or Coke 2L $1.00
No Frills
Boneless Sliced Pork Loin Or Pork Side Ribs Cryovac $2/lb ($4.41/kg)
Coca-Cola Or Pepsi Soft Drinks 2L $1.00
Mini Carrots 340g $1.00
Campbell’s Condensed Soup 284mL 3/$2.00
General Mills Cereal 330-500g $1.67
Kraft Miracle Whip 650/890mL $3.00
Five Alive, Fruitopia, Nestea Drinks 1.75L $1.47
Various types of chips 3/$8.00
Kraft Dinner Premium or Smart $1.00
Ruffles Chips 235g $1.99
Dare Breaktime Cookies 250g $0.79
Vachon cakes 3/$5.00
Ben’s Hot Dog buns $1.99
Kraft BBQ Sauce $0.99
Kraft Miracle Whip 890ml $2.99


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