Guest Post: Royally Classy Canada Day

L-A: Hey! It’s guest post time! I’m sick and Ally’s up to her ears in work. So hooray for Annabelle (she also writes for YKYLF with me) who is stepping in with her thoughts on Canada Day weekend fashions. Although, she keeps it classy and focused on Duchess Kate. Which is way better than some of the “fashions” I saw in the Public Gardens. Tip: you do need a shirt, even if it’s hot out and you do want to choose clothing that will stay put and not pop up over bits of your body that it’s not supposed to pop up over.

Also, since we’re about to get on the subject of royals: can we stop with the quotes on the CBC about how much Kate loved your hat/dress/shoes/whatever? She’s probably being polite. Because she’s the future queen and all – polite is her job. I’m sure your hat was cute, but there’s a really good chance she didn’t actually like it. Because that would mean she’s liked EVERY hat she’s seen since she touched down on Canadian soil. I don’t know statistics or probability or math, but odds-wise, it strikes me as unlikely. Just saying.

Annabelle: Hey, guys! So, it was just Canada Day and the 4th of July, which means a lot of celebs wearing a lot of patriotic outfits. Personally, I painted my nails red and then put gold shatter stuff on one nail per hand for a kind of vague Canadiana look. Lauren Conrad posted her uber-cute 4th of July manicure on her website, but sadly didn’t post the rest of her outfit so we will all have to imagine.

But we don’t have to imagine what Duchess Kate wore for Canada Day (or for the rest of her trip) because every perfect outfit has been photographed for our obsessive pleasure!

I love this hat. It’s so British and royal and nobody else in the world would look this cute in this hat. I’m fairly certain that no actual Canadian would wear a maple-leaf-topped red fascinator, but it’s like she’s trying to meld British-Ascot-hat-craziness with Canada and it looks fabulous on her. She paired it with a white Reiss dress that she has worn before, AND a diamond maple-leaf shaped brooch from the Queen. How do you think that went down? Did she ask to borrow it? Did the Queen offer it? And if the Queen offers to loan you a brooch, are you allowed to decline?

I think it’s so funny that people were freaking out about Kate coming to Canada without a stylist. Because here’s Kate, wearing the brooch with a cute purple dress. And here’s Queen Elizabeth during her 1951 visit to Canada, being forced to do a square dance.

I don’t know if this was held on Canada Day or not, but I had to share. That was Queen Elizabeth with a stylist looking… well, I guess kind of cute for 1951. I guess.  I bet she later beheaded the person that made her go square dancing.

I also have to mention this poor Charlottetown singer, who referred to Prince William as “The Douche.” Can you imagine the HUMILIATION? However, Wills and Kate apparently laughed it off in their now-trademark easygoing, funloving style. Oh, also while in Charlottetown, Kate wore this:

This is my FAVOURITE! I love this dress. It’s like, 1930s-King’s Speech-era monarchy updated perfectly. As L-A and I were discussing via Twitter, they need to get the Kate Does Canada paper dolls available for purchase like, yesterday.

And a big part of my enjoyment of Wills & Kate’s visit to the colonies is how much fun they are having, and how much they seem to like each other. Unlike the newly crowned Princess of Monaco, who tried to flee back home to South Africa THREE TIMES before being forced to marry this not-very-hot guy who is in the midst of THREE paternity suits for babies he fathered (allegedly) during their relationship! That is some VC Andrews shizz, right there.

[L-A: Princess Charlene’s dress was lovely though. Some of her other outfits a little less so, but can you blame her? Her passport is being held hostage.]

Right. Like those are tears of joy. You poor, kidnapped princess.

Anyways, I tried to find pictures of other Canada Day fashions, but it turns out that, other than Duchess Kate, no other famous people dressed for the occasion. Or weren’t photographed. Or were photographed, but just with maple leafs painted on their face or something boring.

Meanwhile, our friends in the US were running around like this:

Yeah, I don’t know. She’s one of the Real Housewives of something or other. And I’m sure that the founding mothers of the US would be so proud, after they sat around stitching stars on the first flag, to see that single star affixed to the nether regions of a Z-list reality “star.”

So, I think that I can rest my case that Canada Day is far more stylish than the 4th of July. Right?

And, as is traditional around these parts, I think that I’m supposed to throw in a video, right? I feel like this Robin Sparkles video from “How I met your mother” is about as Canadian as it gets (or aboot as Canadian as it gets, as Americans trying to do Canadian “accents” would say):

L-A: excellent choice of videos.Well played. You could only get more Canadian with Log Drivers Waltz. Or a heritage minute. Here’s my favourite:

Come on…acknowledge!

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