Guitars and surfers to gather at the Seahorse

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Surfers and guitars seem to go hand in hand these days…then again, maybe they always have.

Andrew Hunter and Keith Maddison, front men for two successful East Coast bands, are both passionate Nova Scotia surfers.

Hunter is the lead vocalist and guitarist of a high-energy three-piece alternative rock band called Andrew Hunter and Gatherers, which has been touring across Canada in recent months.

Maddison is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for a band called Maddison Avenue, a well-known five-member country rock ‘n roll band based in Halifax.

Hunter and Maddison will be leading their respective bands at a benefit concert called Surf Jam hosted by the Surfriders Association of Nova Scotia (SANS) on May 1 at the Seahorse Tavern in Halifax.

Opening the show will be Ukulele Mike, a Cole Harbour native who has been playing the ukulele since he was 10. An award-winning musician, Mike has played in Hawaii, the home of the Ukulele, and has made numerous TV appearances.

SANS is a non-profit organization of volunteers that promotes fellowship in the surf community, runs contests and events, and helps develop young surfers. The concert is part of SANS’ ongoing efforts to reach out to the surf community for membership and support.

SANS memberships will be sold at the concert for only $5 each. Those who buy memberships will be eligible for prizes given away during the concert.

In addition to musical performances and prize giveaways, the Coastal Access Committee (CAC), a non-profit group with ties to SANS, will speak about its recent successes preserving and protecting Nova Scotia coastline.

The concert is scheduled to start at 9 p.m. Cost to enter is $7 per person; $12 with the purchase of a SANS membership.

According to the organization, SANS members:

1. Support SANS development as a community-driven organization
2. Support efforts to foster fellowship among surfers and coastal communities
2. Help SANS promote surf etiquette and surf safety in Nova Scotia
3. Help SANS promote the development of young surfers
4. Support the development of local surf talent
5. Get registration privileges for SANS contests
7. Get access to upcoming event information
8. Get access to membership sections of the SANS website
9. Support efforts to protect environmentally sensitive coastal areas and preserve access to great surf breaks
10. Help give surfers a voice in the community at large

For more information on SANS, please visit

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